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„Shipping Finance 2021“ on Thursday 28 January 2021

Let’s ReFuture Shipping

Great change and uncertainty is exactly the environment that Shipping thrives in

This phrase was stated by Mr Christos Tsakonas of DNB Bank who participated in the panel discussion titled:

Can Shipping Finance Become attractive again to Banks?

The Conference took place on 30 January 2020 in Athens.
The panelists agreed that while financing from banks is available, financing conditions are becoming stricter and stricter. As regards the current and the forthcoming regulatory framework, including the ESG, they see the changes coming, which will increase the cost currently weighing on ship owners, while the burden should be allocated among all parties involved. Ship owners invest on more “green assets” or make necessary alterations to their vessels in order to make them more environmentally friendly. Many shipping companies prefer this second option rather than new orders; this gives them the time to see the effect of new regulations on the market, which is not necessarily a negative development.


Thursday 28 January 2021

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