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100% green recycling of all kinds of vessels. Think about the good PR you can get.

Green Recycling

The latest addition to our range of services is green recycling. Being in demolition business since 1983 we combine our expertise and major contacts in this sector with our ability to move fast and adapt changing requirements of our clients.

The growing awareness of climate change and partly dangerous environmental conditions have led to the requirement to find a safer, “greener” way to demolish older vessels which shall be taken out of service.

“Green ship-recycling” is now known for a cleaner and safer process to recycle ships, where everything that can be re-cycled from a vessel, will be re-cycled, means the old steel will become new and the old engines can be properly dismantled or used to produce power on shore, especially in rural areas with limited power supply to service population there.

Allship is working together with state-of-the-art recycling yards, which offer a class-certified service to ship-owners who are well aware of the environmental footprint all of us leave behind. Most yards are located on the subcontinent but we are also there to connect owners with breakers in Europe, East Asia or the Americas.

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Green recycling of all vessels