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Singledecker Atlantic Carrier

Atlantic Carrier
Price: 3.5 Mio USD
NameAtlantic Carrier
BuildersStocznia Gdanska, Poland

Geared Tweendecker convertible into Singledecker Atlantic Carrier – (ex ‚BBC Peru‘)
=ice class E3 = 1A=

Abt. 7.550 mtons – built 2001 Stocznia Gdanska, Poland.

Just to guide you on schedule resp. inspection possibility: The vessel has already on board from Jebel Ali a trailer of about 40 tons.

In Bandar Abbas she is presently loading large glass panes covered by wooden planks about 6.800 tons.
In Al Fujayrah (4.3.) only bunkering.

In Alexandria (sofar eta 16.3.) she is only discharging the trailer. Thereafter she is proceeding to Izmir and Diliskelesi for discharging the glass panes.

Izmir sofar eta/ets 18./19. – Diliskelisi 20./21.3. But the discharge may take longer, maybe upto 10 days -wog-.

Regarding price: would try on outright basis 3.5 Mio USD.
Regarding the class status = delivery to be as per attached GL Statement of Survey Dates.

Atlantic-Carrier in Singledecker Atlantic Carrier

Atlantic Carrier

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