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AHT Anchor Handling Tug

AHT Sulawesi
Price: Upon request
NameSulawesi (Ex Smit Sulawesi)
BuildersFerguson UK
Navigation AreaIndia
ClassClassed Lloyds +100A1 + LMC
Length o.a.48.70 m
Beam o.a.12.02 m
Depth5.35 m
Draft (MLD)4,56 m
Dead Weight578

We can secure for sale the following anchor handling tug, with delivery mumbai area:

AHT ‚Sulawesi‘ (Ex ‚Smit Sulawesi‘)
6,360 BHP 77 TBP

2 x Ruston 12 RKCM Main Engines
2 x CP Propellers in nozzles
1 x 320 HP Bow Thruster
1 x Double drum waterfall AH/Towing winch 120T brake
2 x 7T Capstans Karm Fork

160 M2 CLR DK area 16M X 10M
100 CBM Fresh water
378 cbm fuel oil
2 X 400 cbm/hr Fifi pumps with 3 monitors
28 cbm foam cap

Accomodation for 20 persons in 10 cabins.
Hydraulic deck craneE 2T@18M, 6T@6M.

Price: Inviting best reasonable offers.

Note that main engine is presently de-rated to 4425 BHP giving 65tbp, however, this can easily be remedied.

AHT-Sulawesi-2 in AHT Anchor Handling Tug

AHT Sulawesi 2

AHT-Sulawesi in AHT Anchor Handling Tug

AHT Sulawesi

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