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2-Unit Non-Propelled Oil Barge

Allship Newbuild Oil-Barge
NameOil Barge
BuiltTo be delivered in March/April 2014
Class NotationBV
Length76.25 mtrs
Beam22.32 mtrs.
Depth6.1 mtrs.
Frame space1.83 mtrs.
Draft (MLD)4.35 mtrs.
Capacity ABT5600 CBM (incl. slop tank)
Cargo Pumps350 CBM/H
Dead WeightABT 5000T (0.9T/m3 cargo density)

Direct from local yard, we may develop 2-Unit non-propelled Oil Barge for Re-Sale, to be delivered in April 2014, Ex Yard

Particulars as below,

Main Dimension 250 X 73 X 20 FT
To be delivered in March /April 2014
Flash point >60℃
Unrestricted area
Diesel engines 100kw/1500 rpm x 2 sets

All details in good faith but without guarantee

Inspectable in China

Newbuild-Oil-Barge2 in 2-Unit Non-Propelled Oil Barge

Newbuild Oil-Barge

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